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Backyard Putting Greens FAQ's
Backyard Putting Greens FAQ's
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Backyard Putting Greens FAQs

Can you describe the putting green surface?

At Home Putting Greens is not a franchise so we are not obligated to install one particular brand of synthetic turf. We carry over 30 varieties of nylon, polypropylene, and hybrid artificial turfs.

Putter's Edge created our exclusive PAR Turf™ (Pure Absolute Roll) as our premiere nylon synthetic turfs... After extensive testing on dozens of options, we determined this turf best simulated a natural grass surface. If you've ever putted on synthetic turf before, you probably noticed a "wobble" as the ball came to a rest. Not with Putter's Edge PAR turf! The special "tufting" process has eliminated the "wobble" - plus, there is no grain in our proprietary nylon PAR turf, allowing putts to roll the same speed in every direction!

How Realistic Is PAR Turf? ­ PAR comprises two models of turf: one that simulates a tournament green (PAR 1), and one that simulates a typical green (PAR 2). We can help you pick the best one for you.

For hitting long distances, At Home Putting Greens recommends a sand filled green. The turf and sand combination will actually hold your shot. The stimp can be manually manipulated to roll whatever speed you desire.

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How is PAR Turf™ different from other synthetic turf?

The difference between PAR turf fibers and other synthetic turf begins with the manufacturing process. Our specially designed spring set turf fibers are manufactured to interlock with each other, creating a realistic look and feel. This is very much unlike sand-filled synthetic turf, PAR Turf™ requires no deep sand in-fill.

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What is the stimp speed of the putting greens?

The stimp speed will depend on the synthetic turf you choose and the primary purpose of the green. Mimicking high-end championship greens, our PAR 1 rolls to a 11.5 on the Stimp Meter. Our PAR 2 is a slower 9.5 - which more closely replicates the roll on a typical course.

With a sand filled green we can manually manipulate the green to roll at stimp speed of your desire.

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How well do the putting greens hold up in an outdoor environment?

Most of our turfs are assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene & nylon, water-resistant fibers. Most of our turfs carries a 10 year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze and sun. Putter's Edge turfs have been installed everywhere from the cold, freezing climates of Canada to hot, rainy, and humid areas like Florida.

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Can the putting green surface be replaced?

It can be easily replaced, but that shouldn't be necessary for many years with a nylon synthetic turf. The nylon turf is the strongest available. Its matting-resistant fibers will continue to bounce back to their original position.

A polypropylene synthetic turf is not as durable as nylon so it will need replaced. Timing will depend on where you live and your use pattern.

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Is the outdoor backyard synthetic turf maintenance free?

Our artificial putting green surface is maintenance free depending on your particular installation. Each synthetic turf has different manufacturers installation criteria. The non-sand filled turf is as maintenance free as it gets, even when partially infill assisted/weighted. Our specially designed, interlocking spring set fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the fiber. Even our infill-assisted/weighted greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. You can even vacuum our turf!

Sand filled putting greens will need to be re-sanded and rolled out at least once every other month depending on your handicap and where you live. At Home Putting Greens provides maintenance work for your polypropylene green.

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How do I clean the artificial putting green?

For most artificial turf just use a blower. If a liquid other than water is spilled on turf blot with a dry towel, or use a light detergent.

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What size is best?

We custom design your backyard putting green to any size that fits your budget and area. The larger the green, the more holes and practice distances you will have, not to mention the added fun!

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Can small children putt on the artificial putting green?

At Home Putting Greens are always designed for children of all ages to enjoy. As long as the green is not truly abused it will last for many years.

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Why shouldn't I install a real grass putting green?

Real bent grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require expensive daily maintenance. Just ask a golf course superintendent or anyone who has owned a real grass putting green about the required maintenance, and we're sure you'll agree that you won't want a real bent grass green in your yard.

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Can an At Home Putting Green be sculptured with breaks and undulations?

Yes! We will help you customize the green to your specifications... as smooth or unusual as you like, in just about any size or shape. It's all up to you. We will walk you through the design process. At Home Putting Greens uses a specialized engineering program to display what your putting green will look like. We diagram out all contour in advance. We can even mimic a particular hole on a particular course if you would like.

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Can I chip onto my At Home Putting Green?

Yes! From inside 20 yards, with a nylon synthetic turf. Most nylon artificial will "check-up," similar to most real grass greens. We have a variety of chipping turfs available that can be incorporated into your practice facillity.

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